On-Demand Webinar

Optimizing Vulnerability Management with BlueVoyant

On-Demand Webinar

Traditional vulnerability management was done by scanning and patching vulnerabilities found via tools that simply don’t meet the bill anymore.

Today, efficient vulnerability management provides comprehensive vulnerability identification services to check for any new critical vulnerabilities or patches, reviews automated scan results and prioritizes them according to their severity.

This webinar, led by the VISIBL team who perform vulnerability identification services for numerous BlueVoyant clients, offers a concise overview of vulnerability management, emphasizing its significance in preventing breaches and therefore reducing organizational risk. We will explore the vulnerability management lifecycle, highlighting tools, techniques, and frameworks, such as CIS Top 20.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how to optimize vulnerability management and:

  • Learn about assessment, prioritization, and remediation strategies while considering your organization's unique threat landscape

  • Understand the role of penetration testing and other cybersecurity services, emphasizing the need for continuous, repeatable processes and balancing security with operational IT functions

  • Strengthen your vulnerability management program using recommended practices and BlueVoyant VISIBL services

  • Zachary Parker | Senior Enterprise Vulnerability Analyst, BlueVoyant
  • James Gustafson | Enterprise Vulnerability and Risk Analyst, BlueVoyant
  • Dustin Brewer | Senior Director of Proactive Cybersecurity Services, BlueVoyant

Discover how to strengthen your vulnerability management program using VISIBL