On-Demand Webinar

Discover the Benefits of Cross-Fabric Detections for Microsoft Defender for Cloud

On-Demand Webinar

Businesses worldwide use Microsoft security products to gain the highest security posture possible. But for many organizations, products within Defender for Cloud and 365 Defender suites leave security data distributed and isolated, or even worse, raw log detection correlations are often done from scratch.

It’s time to maximize the power of Sentinel as a single pane of glass for security.

We'll discuss the benefits of a Cross-Fabric Detection strategy. Learn how your team can use capabilities already built into Microsoft products to consolidate data from across the security ecosystem. With this strategy, data is centralized and correlated, and alerts are enriched using Sentinel. Give time back to your team so they can focus on the alerts that matter using actionable data to identify, hunt, and eradicate the most sophisticated and fast-moving threats.

Tune into this on-demand webinar to:

  • Implement a Cross-Fabric Detection strategy on your existing Microsoft cloud security products, focusing on integrating Azure Policies and cloud workload protection
  • Leverage Sentinel to centralize data and secure Defender for Cloud workloads, including compute, network, storage, identity, and applications
  • Automatically triage nearly 100 percent of your alerts and remediate over 85 percent without requiring analysis by security personnel
  • Combine out-of-the-box content from Defender for SQL plus content from your MDR provider to save money by ingesting raw SQL logs directly to Sentinel