Microsoft Cloud Security for Dummies BlueVoyant Special Edition

While Microsoft has long been the market leader for identity services and has created the first purpose-built enterprise public cloud with Microsoft Azure, organizations have traditionally looked to third-party vendors for security solutions.

However, as more workforces move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, organizations are increasingly finding that many of their existing security solutions don’t always extend to their growing cloud-based digital estates.

Some organizations, incidentally, are still unaware of Microsoft’s robust capabilities. In this third edition of a seven-part video series in concert with the “Microsoft Cloud Security for Dummies” eBook, BlueVoyant’s Ashwin Venugopal, security architect – Microsoft, explores email and collaboration threats, and how Defender for Office 365 helps organizations ensure security across their Office 365 apps without negatively impacting user productivity.

Be sure to download the “Microsoft Cloud Security For Dummies, BlueVoyant Special Edition” eBook. Each of the seven chapters will coincide with an in-depth video, as a growing playlist, as they roll out over the next three weeks.