On-Demand Webinar

Innovating Defense: The Life of a ROC Analyst

On-Demand Webinar

Third-party cyber risk is not a new concern for organizations. Over the last decade, it has become significantly more of a priority as more complex supply chains and vendor ecosystems are adopted by all sectors and industries.

Moving beyond traditional third-party cyber risk management, BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center (ROC) creates a comprehensive defense for organizations within the most expansive and complex supply chains. The ROC, modeled after traditional security operations centers (SOC), can quickly respond to and provide direct remediation across your third-party ecosystem, offering expert-driven interaction between seasoned analysts and your supply chain vendors.

But how does the ROC actually function, and what can it mean for your organization? Register now to hear from one of our own ROC analysts, Darin Epling, as we uncover how the ROC can go beyond simple management and provide comprehensive defense of your vendor ecosystem.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How the ROC monitors thousands of third parties in order to understand an organization’s security and risk posture
  • How analysts create and validate footprints of your extended attack surface to identify risk
  • The methods used to curate findings and communicate directly with vendors in a supply chain
  • How ROC analysts respond to and remediate zero-day vulnerabilities in record time


  • Darin Epling | ROC Analyst II, BlueVoyant
  • Michael Spencer | Product Manager, BlueVoyant