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How to Build a World-Class Cyber Security Practice

Resource-constrained security teams can achieve the capabilities of the most well-defended organizations.

Industry research shows that most companies believe that their cybersecurity operation isn’t good enough—that they’re losing ground. Is there a way past the challenges security practices must contend with every day?

In this eBook, security experts from BlueVoyant explore the challenges facing today’s security operations. They discuss in detail what it takes to build a world-class security practice capable of managing the growing volume and complexity of cyberthreats. It’s not an easy task. Doing security right requires hiring and retaining excellent people, building and maintaining a solid technology stack, and continually refining processes and workflows.

This eBook addresses the following:

  • Today’s Dynamic and Evolving Cyber Risks
  • What is the Foundation of a World-Class Security Operation
  • The Tools Needed to Defend
  • The Value of Established Processes
  • 9 Tips for Building a World-Class Cybersecurity Operation

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