On-Demand Webinar

Go Phish: How Cybercriminals Use Dynamic DNS Infrastructure for Advanced Attacks

On-Demand Webinar

Dynamic DNS infrastructure providers host thousands of active subdomains at any given moment. Threat actors use this vector constantly to create and host phishing websites that target the largest financial institutions and other high-profile media, commerce, and payment processing companies.

BlueVoyant analysts have been monitoring this prolific phishing conduit, among other known infrastructures, to alert its clients of emerging threats in real time.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar as Rom Eliahou, Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead at BlueVoyant, shares how his team tracks phishing attacks that originate from dynamic DNS infrastructure providers.

You’ll learn about:

  • The methodology of threat actors in orchestrating advanced phishing attacks
  • Evasion mechanisms phishers employ to go undetected by endpoint solutions
  • How BlueVoyant mitigates these threats and provides proactive intelligence to our users


Rom Eliahou, Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead, BlueVoyant

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