Economics of Cybersecurity

By Milan Patel, Global Head of Managed Security Services, BlueVoyant

Milan Patel is the Global Head of BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Service (MSS). In his role as a senior member at BlueVoyant, Patel leads the sales organization and is involved with all aspects of the MSS business to include partnerships, products, and client success.

The economics of cybersecurity can be troubling, but also exciting, if you think about how quickly the world and the technology around us is evolving. In this eBook, Patel will cover some of the realities companies face when they suffer through insufficient preparation.

What you'll learn:

  • Cybersecurity affects businesses around the world and attacks are growing on businesses that are large and small.
  • The adversaries are looking for the faster ROI, and that means, we’re all targets.
  • The best ways to economically cover your most critical IT infrastructure that will help proactively prepare you for the eventuality that someone will target your business.