Digital Brand Protection: Revolutionize Your Phishing Response with Proactive Threat Detection

Your digital brand presence is increasingly important, as consumers expect tailored digital experiences across multimedia channels that speak to their core challenges and needs. But the digital assets that cultivate these positive brand experiences – high-traffic websites, engaging social media presences, user-friendly mobile apps, and more – are all prime targets for threat actors.

As companies' digital footprints expand exponentially, so too do their attack surfaces. And since most phishing attacks can be carried out by even the least sophisticated hackers due to the prevalence of phishing kits sold in cybercrime forums, it has never been harder for security teams to plug all the holes.

Enter Digital Brand Protection, the proactive response to ever-evolving phishing, social engineering, and malware attacks.

Download our new eBook to learn how a sophisticated Digital Brand Protection solution can equip your security team with the tools to:

  • Identify malicious websites or mobile apps, spoofed domains, social media accounts, and more to defend your digital brand from financial and reputational damages
  • Lock down leaked data before it can be used to infiltrate corporate networks or employee accounts
  • Proactively detect threats as they emerge and take them down before they turn into full-blown cyber attacks