Detect, Deflect, Protect: The Story of Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Your business is your castle. Once upon a time, you could keep it safe by constructing strong walls, posting a few guards at the door, raising the drawbridge, and digging a deep moat around it.

That’s now the stuff of fairy tales. Today’s networks simply can’t be locked down due to the nature of business itself. The perimeter that was once contained to a single building now spreads as far as your furthest third-party connection or remote employee. And while your business benefits from this greater flexibility and increased operational efficiency, so do the cybercriminals.

Download this eBook now to discover three common ways attackers can target your business, and how you can fight back.

You'll learn:

  • How to address the challenge of internal breaches, whether intentional or not
  • Ways to keep your supply chain safe and manage third-party cyber risk
  • How to protect your brand and data beyond your own perimeter