More Than Half of 300 SMB Defense Contractors Showed Critical Vulnerabilities to Ransomware

June 22, 2021

Defense companies face the same opportunistic cyber threats of any business – especially ransomware – but also the additional pressures from persistent, sophisticated foreign actors involved in espionage and the theft of vital intellectual property. To help create a path toward a vibrant, secure Defense Industrial Base, BlueVoyant has partnered with Professor Steven Melnyk and his team at Michigan State University (the No. 1-ranked academic supply chain management program). We analyzed hundreds of defense contractors to identify clear patterns, as well as the steps needed to improve their security posture. The Report’s key findings:

  • 100% large R&D companies displayed network vulnerabilities, with 66% also showing evidence of targeting
  • 28% of SMB defense contractors fall short of basic, tier-1 CMMC requirement
  • Patterns that predict cyber risk in the Defense Industrial Base
  • Expert insight into the marketplace
  • Recommended actions to improve the security posture of the whole Defense Industrial Base