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CONTI Leaks – What You Need To Know

On-Demand Webinar

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the CONTI ransomware group announced its willingness to support Russia. Furthermore, the group also clarified its intention to target nations and organizations that interfere with Russia’s agenda. Roughly a day later, a Twitter account called @ContiLeaks surfaced, and over a span of a month approximately two years of internal chat logs, documentation, tools, and source codes used by the CONTI group were posted.

Since then, BlueVoyant experts reviewed articles, public announcements, and data — combined with internal visibility processes — leading to a published April 15 report.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss CONTI’s RYUK ties, healthcare sector targeting, and toolkits used
  • Examine CONTI’s  tools and techniques
  • Review CONTI’s organizational structure and personnel management
  • Explain CONTI’s typical entry/deployment methods and make hardening recommendations

Tune in to this on-demand webinar as we discuss the CONTI ransomware group, steps you can take to help avoid ransomware attacks, and much more.

Vinny D’Agostino, Head of Cyber Forensics and Incident Response, BlueVoyant
Tim Lehey, Senior Cyber Threat Analyst and Dark Web Lead, BlueVoyant

CONTI Leaks – What You Need To Know

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