BlueVoyant Partners with Qualys to Launch Comprehensive Vulnerability Identification Service - VISIBL for Qualys

September 19, 2023

BlueVoyant and Qualys join forces to offer an integrated managed service for Qualys VMDR and TotalCloud, delivering an enhanced vulnerability identification, cloud security, and compliance solution

NEW YORK, September 18, 2023 – BlueVoyant, a globally recognized cybersecurity services company, has announced an exciting partnership with Qualys, a leading provider of cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions. This collaboration, called VISIBL for Qualys, aims to revolutionize vulnerability management and cloud security by integrating Qualys Vulnerability Management Detection and Response (VMDR) with Qualys TotalCloud to empower organizations to fortify their on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and cloud-native environments against cyber threats and build compliance with industry regulations.

Most businesses have incorporated cloud technologies, so the need for robust and proactive cloud security has become paramount. The BlueVoyant-Qualys partnership addresses this need by bringing together BlueVoyant's cutting-edge multi-faceted expertise around vulnerability management and cloud security and Qualys' industry-leading vulnerability management and cloud security platform to create a tailored-made managed service for our customers.

"We are excited to partner with BlueVoyant to deliver our combined solutions to their customers," said Karun Malik, Vice President of Alliances and Channel at Qualys. "Our industry-leading VMDR and TotalCloud solutions are seamlessly integrated into BlueVoyant's VISIBL managed service providing organizations the ability to safeguard cloud assets while empowering them to effectively tackle emerging threats and challenges."

The integrated managed service, VISIBL for Qualys, will provide organizations with:

  • Deployment: Console provisioning, user administration, technology integration, repeatable assessment, and reporting cadence.
  • Agent-Based and Agentless Vulnerability Scanning: Experts perform scheduled and/or ad-hoc scanning with confirmation that remediation has occurred. Supporting endpoints, web application, cloud, and containers. Agentless scanning available for cloud resources
  • Zero-Touch Patching: Speed up patch deployment by eliminating dependence on third-party patch deployment solutions. Uninstall or update vulnerable apps, alert users, reset or lock devices, change passcodes, and more.
  • Multi-Cloud Posture Management and Compliance Support: Check for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in AWS, Azure, and GCP on a single pane of glass. Benchmark your environment against 30+ compliance mandates.
  • Holistic Support: Semi-annual penetration testing, phishing campaigns, and dark-web intelligence gathering, to improve security posture and support regulatory needs.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Qualys to provide a fully integrated vulnerability management and cloud security solution using VMDR and TotalCloud that goes beyond traditional security measures," said Austin Berglas, Global Head of Professional Services at BlueVoyant. "VISIBL for Qualys is a true partnership between BlueVoyant and customers to help enhance their cybersecurity risk processes in the face of an evolving threat landscape.”

VISIBL for Qualys is available to organizations now. For more information about the offering, please visit VISIBL Vulnerability Identification Services, or join us for a joint webinar discussing this exciting solution on Oct 4, 2023. To register, please visit VISIBL for Qualys webinar.

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