BlueVoyant’s 202 Group Expands its Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions and Rebrands as BlueVoyant Government Solutions

November 16, 2022

The company will continue to serve as the most comprehensive supply chain defense platform for U.S. government entities

NEW YORK, November 16, 2022 BlueVoyant, an industry-leading cyber defense company, brings the 202 Group, which was acquired in 2021, further into the company’s fold with expanded capabilities and a new brand identity as BlueVoyant Government Solutions. An independent subsidiary focused solely on providing data-driven supply chain risk management to governments, BlueVoyant Government Solutions now offers a newly enhanced version of its platform: Terrain: Supply Chain Defense for Government™.

“Joining BlueVoyant has allowed our team to close a critical gap in supply chain defense for the government sector by developing and refining a unique offering that not only identifies business risks and cyber vulnerabilities, but also prioritizes and recommends actions to reduce and offset supply chain disruptions,” said Arun Sankaran, co-founder and CEO of 202 Group, now BlueVoyant Government Solutions. “In just one short year, we were able to take the most comprehensive supply chain risk management platform in the industry and advance its capabilities in order to ensure that government entities can continue their crucial programs and manage thousands of suppliers with reduced risk.”

Within a single portal, BlueVoyant’s Terrain: SCD-G enables companies to detect both business and cyber-related risks, while also providing mitigation planning and remediation support from BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center. In greater detail, BlueVoyant’s Terrain: Supply Chain Defense for Government capabilities include:

  • Supply Chain Risk Monitoring: Streamlines risk management by integrating business and cyber risk monitoring to provide early warning of events that could impact program cost, schedule, or performance. This entails risk events, such as:
    • Identifying foreign investment into or control of suppliers that could increase the risk of IP theft, industrial sabotage, and espionage.

    • Monitoring vendor viability to continuously check financial and contract performance risks including layoffs, bankruptcies, lawsuits, as well as other indicators.

    • Providing geo-specific industrial base reporting to help government entities better understand risks in their supply chain based on geographic factors including adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and climate change.

    • Tracking emerging cyber vulnerabilities to keep abreast of potential risks.

  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction: Ensures expert-backed risk mitigation planning as well as remediation support and services for both business and cyber risk events through BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center.

Before the acquisition, the BlueVoyant Government Solutions team gained industry-recognition for their superior supply chain illumination and business risk monitoring capabilities, specifically in the identification of foreign influence and ownership in critical government programs. Since joining the company, BlueVoyant Government Solutions has been able to leverage BlueVoyant’s industry-leading telemetry to provide that same early warning for zero-day vulnerabilities and other cyber-related threats.

“As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and more difficult to thwart, it is imperative that we continue innovating across teams and industries to bring unparalleled expertise to both the commercial and public sectors,” said James Rosenthal, CEO of BlueVoyant. “Our initial acquisition and continued success with BlueVoyant Government Solutions serves as a testimony of our efforts to deliver advanced technology solutions that can take on threat actors — especially for mission-critical organizations.”

About BlueVoyant Government Solutions

BlueVoyant’s approach to cybersecurity revolves around three key pillars — technology, telemetry, and talent — that deliver rock-solid cyber defense capabilities to more than 700 enterprise customers across the globe. In the public sector, BlueVoyant Terrain: Supply Chain Defense for Government™ provides an end-to-end supply chain risk management solution for government organizations charged with defending the health and security of mission-critical programs and industrial bases. BlueVoyant’s machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise allows government stakeholders to illuminate multiple tiers of complex supply chain ecosystems, persistently monitor for both business continuity and cybersecurity-related risks, and rapidly take action to protect against vulnerabilities and threats.

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