BlueVoyant Joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

July 13, 2020

New York, N.Y., July 14, 2020— BlueVoyant, a global expert-driven cybersecurity services company, announced today that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers who have integrated their solutions to help customers better predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.

“With the digital economy playing an increasingly critical role, organizations are continuing to migrate to the cloud, with many setting up remote working capabilities, providing unprecedented visibility and response across multiple domains,” said Jim Rosenthal, BlueVoyant Chief Executive Officer. “Therefore, collaboration is key to success in cybersecurity; BlueVoyant brings valuable expertise in the delivery of Managed Detection and Response to members and customers. The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association encourages the entire cybersecurity community to work together to support our shared goal of improving customer security.”

By joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, BlueVoyant will share and extract intelligence to enhance its customer-facing solutions. BlueVoyant helps organizations maximize their investment in Microsoft Security products by providing full-service implementation, playbook development, tuning, and monitoring, response, and remediation of advanced cyber attacks, backed by 24/7 security operations.

“Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association integrate their security solutions with Microsoft’s to gain more signals, increase visibility, and better protect against threats,” said Ryan McGee, Director of Microsoft Security Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “By extending Microsoft’s security capabilities across the ecosystem, we help our shared customers to succeed.”

BlueVoyant provides Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services utilizing Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM), and Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP), an integrated platform that unifies best-in-class products that include Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and Microsoft Cloud Application Security. Combining Microsoft’s unified approach to security, BlueVoyant seamlessly extends detection and cross-domain threat response capabilities from the endpoint to cloud.

The MISA ecosystem gives BlueVoyant the ability to reach customers through a broad range of co-marketing opportunities such as speaking engagements, MISA guest blogs, and placement in the MISA member catalog. This catalog is linked to BlueVoyant’s MDR offerings in the Azure Marketplace, helping customers to easily find and buy BlueVoyant services that work with their digital environments.

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant is an expert-driven cybersecurity services company whose mission is to proactively defend organizations of all sizes against today's constant, sophisticated attackers and advanced threats. Led by CEO Jim Rosenthal, BlueVoyant’s highly skilled team includes former government cyber officials with extensive frontline experience in responding to advanced cyber threats on behalf of the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unit 8200 and GCHQ, together with private sector experts. BlueVoyant services utilize large real-time datasets with industry leading analytics and technologies.

Founded in 2017 by Fortune 500 executives and former Government cyber officials and headquartered in New York City, BlueVoyant has offices in Maryland, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, London and Latin America.

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