BlueVoyant Announces Strategic Alliance with Adaptive Security

September 14, 2020

NEW YORK, NY - September 15, 2020:BlueVoyant, a global expert-driven cybersecurity services company, has announced a strategic partnership that will allow Adaptive Security to integrate BlueVoyant services into its portfolio. The new partnership enables Adaptive Security to introduce a more robust managed security, detection and response offering to organizations in Chile, as well as threat intelligence and brand protection services.

“Our partnership with Adaptive Security allows us to strengthen our expansion in Chile, which is a strategic market for us. Together we are combining our global vision with the local presence of Adaptive Security in a country of much relevance to the region. This relationship is based on the complementary skills of the two companies, given that Adaptive Security understands the importance of offering security through services, transcending the traditional product-based approach,” said Jarrett Benavidez, Vice Chairman of BlueVoyant International.

“This agreement is part of an ongoing investment plan that BlueVoyant has been executing in the region, as it continues its mission of democratizing cybersecurity, making enterprise-level products and unrivalled operational experience accessible to any company in the world, regardless of size, industry or region.”

“We are delighted and very committed to this new alliance with BlueVoyant. Our ability to combine our existing cybersecurity offering with BlueVoyant’s solutions, such as threat intelligence and third-party cyber risk management, will only serve to strengthen our services and capabilities,” adds Miguel Rosales, CEO of Adaptive Security. BlueVoyant is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity firms in the world, with clients from a cross-section of industries, including financial services, retail, manufacturing, government and education sectors, among others.

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant is an expert-driven cybersecurity services company whose mission is to proactively defend organizations of all sizes against today's constant, sophisticated attackers and advanced threats. Led by CEO, Jim Rosenthal, BlueVoyant’s highly skilled team includes former government cyber officials with extensive frontline experience in responding to advanced cyber threats on behalf of the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unit 8200 and GCHQ, together with private sector experts. BlueVoyant services utilize large real-time datasets with industry leading analytics and technologies. Founded in 2017 by Fortune 500 executives and former Government cyber officials and headquartered in New York City, BlueVoyant has offices in Maryland, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, London and Latin America.

About Adaptive Security

Founded in 2016, Adaptive Security is a company focused on developing unique solutions and quality services with the aim of improving the cybersecurity posture of its clients. It has professionals with more than 10 years of experience and prestige in the information security industry, who have participated in the creation and operation of several of the country's SOCs, providing consulting and support in projects of high impact and potential risk.

It provides high value, personalized services focused on the unique requirements of its clients. Its adaptive security model represents a turning point in the industry and in the evolution of cybersecurity management, where a paradigm shift from incident response to continuous monitoring and proactive risk management is now what organizations are seeking. Adaptive Security provides a model that moves from "what" to "how" and is seeking to be a strategic business partner for its clients.

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