Aboitiz, BlueVoyant Partner to Tighten Cybersecurity

November 12, 2019

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) the public holding company of the Aboitiz Group with major investments in power, banking and financial services, food, infrastructure and land, announced today a partnership with BlueVoyant, a global analytics-driven cybersecurity firm. BlueVoyant will be AEV’s managed security services provider (MSSP), which delivers real-time monitoring and vulnerability detection, backed by 24/7 security operation centers located across the globe.

“As part of our sustainability journey in 2019 and beyond, the Aboitiz Group aims to work toward achieving an information security risk-aware culture to further strengthen the prevention, detection and comprehensive response to growing global cybersecurity threats,” said AEV Chief Operating Officer Sabin M. Aboitiz.

Aboitiz and BlueVoyant President and Chairman of Israel Gad Goldstein signed the partnership agreement this month.

“We are excited to bring our world-class, corporate cyber defense capabilities to businesses of all sizes in the Philippines, and we look forward to working with AEV to enhance their cybersecurity posture,” said Goldstein. “These partnerships play a pivotal role in the launch of our operations in the country and around the world,” he added.

The Aboitiz Group aims to achieve the optimal balance between retaining and transferring risks. In 2018, AEV initiated the quantification of its Cyber Risks in preparation for the creation of a risk transfer strategy. Policies and guidelines for cloud storage and cybersecurity were instituted to protect the organization’s information against unauthorized access; ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of information.

BlueVoyant is a global analytics-driven cybersecurity firm with a mission to protect businesses and municipalities of all sizes against sophisticated cyber-attacks by providing unparalleled visibility, insight and responsiveness. The company provides Managed Security Services, Professional Services and Threat Intelligence