How BlueVoyant Responds to Emerging Vulnerabilities

BlueVoyant’s emerging vulnerability identification and alerting capabilities keep you and your supply chain ahead of critical threats.

  • Emerging vulnerabilities are exploited within an average of 14 days

    Accelerate your response times: In as little as 90 minutes following the disclosure of a zero-day vulnerability, and days before CVSS scores are published, BlueVoyant takes action.

    Vulnerability remediation
  • Win the race with AI-powered analytics

    BlueVoyant will notify your organization of any instance of an emerging vulnerability in your digital infrastructure and supply chain.

    Threat identification and remediation
  • Ensure vulnerabilities are patched

    BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center and Threat Teams will work with you and your third parties to ensure vulnerabilities are patched

    Mdr remediation

Respond Quickly and Stay Ahead of the Zero-Day Threat

In as little as 90 minutes, BlueVoyant responds by:

  • Creating a tailored vulnerability detection analytic
  • Identifying externally visible vulnerable instances in customers’ extended digital ecosystem
  • Contacting third parties and informing on vulnerable instances
  • Following up with third parties in the subsequent hours and days to ensure remediation
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