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Digital Risk Protection Platform

We help you gain real-time visibility of digital threats by continuously monitoring domains and websites, social media, apps in official and unofficial stores, deep & dark web, instant messaging and open-source – allowing for quick, effective breach mitigation.

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Features / Benefits

  • Turnkey solutions

  • We help easily alleviate constraints within your security program, providing managed solutions that integrate seamlessly and provide automated remediation to reduce the impact of threats.

  • Adaptive, actionable defense

  • With the volume, velocity, and sophistication of today’s global threat landscape, we enable real-time response to prioritize threats as threat conditions evolve and defend against targeted cyberattacks, data loss, phishing scams, or account takeovers.

  • A field-tested team of ex-national security experts

  • All of our systems are designed and overseen by some of the most experienced cybersecurity professionals in the world.

  • Optional in-house solutions

  • Prefer to let your team handle response? Make full use of our monitoring solutions and take it from there.

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The platform

What Digital Risk Protection Looks Like:

Threat Intelligence That Extends Beyond Your Perimeter
We continuously monitor your external attack surface to review relevant threat actor activity taking place outside your perimeter.

Bigger, Better Threat Data
We use our industry-best combination of public and proprietary data sources (including Passive DNS and the largest open-source database in the industry) to identify emerging threats and help organizations prioritize their cyber defenses. That means leveraging our vast array of sources from the surface, deep and dark web, as well as social media and criminal instant messaging applications.

Expert Knowledge of Adversaries and Attacker Methods
We know how threat actors think. BlueVoyant’s field-tested, threat intelligence experts bring experience from the NSA, FBI, GCHQ and Unit 8200, as well as leading private sector organizations. This world-class experience enables our analysts to fully understand the attacker methodology to interpret how attackers plan and implement attacks, as well as identify attacks that are still in the planning stages.

Digital Risk Protection Platform

Digital Brand Protection

Continuous protection against attacks targeting your brand and executives.

Fraud Campaigns Discovery

Defend against phishing attacks impersonating your brand or utilizing stolen customer data.

Account Takeover Monitoring

Quickly identify stolen credentials to reduce risk and limit the consequences of a breach.

Data Leakage Detection

Protect intellectual property from being leaked and exposed on the deep, dark web.

Executive Cyber Guard

Defend against attacks targeting your executives by providing the necessary intelligence required in order to be protected in the digital age.

External Attack Surface Analysis

Understand your publicly-exposed digital assets to assess vulnerabilities.

Why Trust BlueVoyant?

We combine a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, industry-best data, and process automation to help businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing landscape.

Frontline Expertise

Our team is comprised of world-class cyber experts led by former senior leaders from the NSA, FBI, Unit 8200, GCHQ, and Fortune 500 companies.

We serve as an extension of your security team to deliver a level of protection previously available to only the largest and most well-defended organizations.

Integrated Intelligence

BlueVoyant uses the largest globally distributed private sector datasets to track and prepare against the latest attack vectors.

We identify and mitigate threats as they emerge, ensuring your business and wider ecosystem are always prepared for rapid, effective response and threat neutralization.

Effective Automation

Our custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, help detect threats faster, eliminate false positives and reduce manual tasks.

They turn our experts’ tradecraft into code, so we can scale across your threat landscape and focus where it counts.

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