Build Your Own SOC or Partner with an MSSP

Calculating Your Costs

There are three considerations in this “make” versus “buy” decision:

  • SOC Staffing Costs
  • Security Infrastructure Costs
  • Time to Maturity

The annual cost of setting up your own 24/7/365 SOC can add up to more than $1.2 million when you consider staffing costs, security infrastructure costs, and time to maturity.

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Time is an important consideration; plan on six months to get up and running and twelve to eighteen months to reach maturity.

A sophisticated, fast-moving MSSP excels at detecting, containing, and mitigating threats. MSSPs spend a lot of money on advanced detection and response techniques so their clients don’t have to. Because partnering with an MSSP spreads these costs across multiple clients, an MSSP will cost less than 25% of the annual costs of building your own SOC. Finally, clients immediately benefit from the protection delivered by a mature SOC.

MSSP clients benefit from:

  • Payroll savings
  • Recruitment and hiring costs
  • Security infrastructure savings
  • Faster time to maturity

Disclaimer: Staffing and security infrastructure costs are based on BlueVoyant experience and estimates. Staffing costs may vary by location and level of experience. Technology costs may vary by vendor selected and purchasing agreements.

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