Protect, Detect, and Respond to Supply Chain Cyber Attacks Using Splunk Enterprise Managed Security Services

April 21, 2021 | 2 min read


Cyber Risk in the supply chain has existed since the beginnings of cybersecurity as a discipline. The SolarWinds cyberattack campaign— also called Solorigate or simply the SolarWinds hack— leverages vulnerabilities in SolarWinds Orion software to accomplish a supply chain attack. Malware was embedded into the digitally-signed software and multiple organizations were compromised as a result.

BlueVoyant’s Chairman of International Business, Robert Hannigan, Mike Scutt, Director of Hunt Operations at BlueVoyant along with Ryan Becwar, Sr. Security Consulting Solution Engineer at Splunk have an in depth discussion about the SolarWinds attack and share best practices and strategies to strengthen company defenses. They also share how Splunk Enterprise Security can be used to identify risks, and to actively detect and respond to emerging threats. They then explore how BlueVoyant responded to Solarwinds, highlighting the key advantages of using a Managed Splunk Security Service.

What you will learn:

  • What risks supply chains pose to businesses in today’s threat landscape
  • The nature of current and advanced adversarial strategies for exploiting supply chain vulnerabilities
  • How to mitigate exploits from supply chain vulnerabilities
  • The key advantages of working with a Splunk Enterprise MSSP/MDR provider to combat today’s security challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s threats

About the Presenters

Robert Hannigan, Chairman of BlueVoyant International

Until 2017, Robert Hannigan was Director of GCHQ, the UK’s largest intelligence and security agency and NSA equivalent. During his 20-years of public service, Robert was Prime Minister’s Security Adviser and created the UK’s first cyber security strategy. Prior to that, he worked as principal adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair on the Northern Ireland peace process. He was awarded the U.S. Intelligence Distinguished Public Service Medal in 2017 and honored by Queen Elizabeth for services to UK national security in 2013.

Mike Scutt, Director of Hunt Operations, SOC, BlueVoyant

Mike Scutt leads Threat Hunting services at BlueVoyant, assisting clients in uncovering advanced adversaries, cutting edge malware, and attacker infrastructure. In his role at BlueVoyant, Mike oversees the creation of analytics to identify malicious activity commonly unseen by traditional security tooling and implementation of threat intelligence for Managed Services clients.

Ryan Becwar, Sr. Security Consulting Solutions Engineer, Splunk

Ryan Becwar is a Senior Security Consulting Solutions Engineer at Splunk, joining in 2018. He has six years Splunk experience and 18 years of experience at a Fortune 100 retailer. Additionally, he was a SOC Team Lead, Security Project Manager, and a MITRE ATT&CK contributor. He is an active member of InfraGard NIST COI Member and Educational advisor.