The License to Secure: Secrets to Establishing Unrivaled Cyber Vigilance

October 18, 2023 | 2 min read

Micah Heaton

Executive Director, Managed Security Center of Excellence

Micah Heaton Square Calcite Duotone

BlueVoyant can help you get the most from Microsoft Sentinel to safeguard your digital realm

In a world where business vulnerabilities abound and bad actors hide in the shadows, a select few possess the “License to Secure”. However, what is this “License to Secure” you may ask. It is the secret to maximizing Microsoft Sentinel to harden security for your digital presence.

Microsoft Sentinel stands as your most powerful defense partner against cyber threats. However, its full power must be unleashed together. Not every defender has the skills needed to harness its full potential, leading to blown missions, poor targeting, and money spent with limited results.

To unleash Sentinel, you need the right partner that can unravel the enigma, enhance visibility, and reduce costs. BlueVoyant has been recognized by Microsoft for being a top partner for its expertise in Microsoft Security. BlueVoyant’s senior agents, with expertise in all facets of Sentinel, can give you knowledge to help outsmart attackers and aid in optimizing results.

Your “License to Secure” is more than a title – it’s your key to unleashing Sentinel, reinforcing safeguards, and stopping bad actors dead in their tracks.

Solving the Sentinel Enigma

Your company gave you what you wanted — Microsoft Sentinel, one of the most powerful cybersecurity weapons out there. You're getting results, but it's at a high cost. Sentinel can process many queries and log data, but it often comes with a high price tag. Optimization is the key to any investment, and we’re here to give you just that.

BlueVoyant can help you tip the balance in your favor. Enterprise leadership will get what they need — knowing they are secure. And you'll get more than a pat on the back. You'll learn how to optimize Sentinel without burning a bundle of cash.

Disarm the Cost Culprit

Delivering results that don’t cost a fortune means using Sentinel to do what it does best — stop and disarm threats. Accomplishing your mission will require building a log strategy that hits what you aim for. Here are the mission steps to review and enhance your Sentinel usage:

  • Understand what logs you are using to arm Sentinel — i.e., are your collection rules hitting what you need or missing the target?
  • Alerts that matter – Logs should fire detections that work to deliver the information you are looking for.
  • Spent logs are worth keeping around — but decide where this data should live and for how long.