Prevalent AI - Managed Security Forum

June 18, 2019 | 1 min read

The sheer complexity and speed of technology change means that for many companies, and even some very large enterprises, a managed cyber security service will be the most cost-effective and flexible solution. An MSS offers the possibility of using the best available talent to manage the most appropriate products for prevention, detection and remediation of cyber threats.But the MSP landscape itself is challenging: apart from the proliferation of vendors, knowing what to outsource, how much to keep in-house, consistent with company risk appetites, and what MSP is best suited to a particular business is inherently difficult.The 2018 Guide to UK Managed Security, published today by Prevalent AI, aims to make this easier for the buyer. As well as surveying the requirements of companies, the guide sets out some great questions in each of the key categories for an MSS, to help buyers navigate the market. The focus on talent - what is actually needed - and busting of some myths around AI and data science particularly caught my eye. It also has some excellent reflections on future trends by Sir Iain Lobban and Andy France, whose expertise and track record in managing cyber risk are second to none. Both were in at the very start of the cyber security industry while in government and did a great deal to raise awareness in Board rooms, long before cyber incidents were hitting the headlines.
The guide is a first step in the formation of an industry forum, the MSF, which should be a useful clearing house and networking forum for a sector which looks ripe for consolidation in the coming years.
To access the full report visit Hannigan is European Executive Chairman of BlueVoyant and former Director of GCHQ, the UK’s largest intelligence and cyber security agency.

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