Introducing MDR with Scan & Protect

April 27, 2023 | 3 min read

Kevin Diffily

Product Marketing Manager, Risk & Compliance

Kevin calcite

An advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is a vital component of an actionable cybersecurity stack, but even the best MDR solutions lack the ability to see cyber threats lurking beyond the perimeter. The challenges posed by defining an attack’s “blast radius” – all the events leading up to an attack and the impacts to the business as a result of it – cannot be fully addressed without extended visibility. Security incidents rarely occur in a vacuum, but security teams often struggle to determine the source of the attack, the threat actors’ behavior and patterns, and the effects of any leaked data or credentials.

That’s where Digital Risk Protection (DRP) comes in. DRP solutions detect emerging threats by monitoring the open, deep, and dark web for data or brand assets belonging to the organization.

An Inside-Out Cyber Threat Mitigation Platform

BlueVoyant’s best-in-class MDR products, MXDR for Microsoft and MDR for Splunk, now include our cutting-edge DRP Scan & Protect solution. With DRP Scan & Protect, advanced phishing detection meets continuous open source and dark web monitoring to deliver an end-to-end DRP solution that extends detection and response capabilities for our clients.

Visibility into emerging cyber threats beyond the perimeter provides your team with the intelligence it needs to proactively defend your organization, as well as equipping you with the tools needed to shut emerging threats down at the source. BlueVoyant offers unlimited takedowns of phishing websites, rogue or malicious apps, and social media impersonation attempts, leveraging our exclusive relationships with domain registrars, 230+ app stores, and popular social media networks.

Our unrivaled threat data sources deliver validated, actionable alerts that can be remediated with the click of a button. The combination of tailored internal and external threat data paints a holistic picture for security teams that don’t have the time or resources to sift through endless streams of alerts from traditional threat intelligence feeds, or build an in-house team of dedicated cyber threat analysts.

Security teams can be confident that BlueVoyant’s continuous monitoring will send them real-time alerts when a new threat is verified, allowing them to initiate remediation and takedown processes immediately.

BlueVoyant MDR delivers the following features:

  • Fast and efficient streamlined security operations that are monitored and managed 24x7.
  • Automated and orchestrated security operations that reduce resources requirements.
  • A simplified security infrastructure that’s consolidated, unified, and optimized.
  • Unmatched, comprehensive data sources including global DNS data sets, instant messaging channels, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) breach data, and exclusive cybercrime forums.
  • Unlimited rapid phishing takedown capabilities leveraging exclusive partnerships with domain registrars.

Customer Outcomes

BlueVoyant MDR replaces the cost of separate MDR and DRP solutions with integrated “outside in and inside out” solutions. From an external threat perspective, clients can protect their employees and their end users. By adding DRP capabilities to MXDR, clients can enjoy immediate value from their investment, as DRP Scan & Protect can be deployed out of the box and instantly begin scanning for cyber threats.

The end result is an outcome-based platform that protects both internal and external threat vectors by continuously monitoring the network, endpoints, attack surface, and the clear, deep, and dark web for threats. In addition to MDR assisting your team with monitoring and protecting your assets and resources in your Splunk MDR or Microsoft MXDR environment, DRP capabilities include proactive detection and unlimited takedowns of phishing sites and domain look-alikes as well as preventing emails, usernames, and passwords from being compromised or sold by threat actors.

To learn more about BlueVoyant MDR with DRP Scan & Protect, check out our solution brief.