Introducing Chris Nickerson, BlueVoyant Chief Human Resources Officer

July 10, 2019 | 2 min read


Chris Nickerson HeadshotI am very excited to join the BlueVoyant team and assist in their mission to help companies of all sizes defend against cyber attack!

Coming to BlueVoyant is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new industry and market while at the same time contributing to our search for great talent & contributing relevant HR practices I have learned over the last 20 years.

On a more personal note, I learned a good amount about start-up culture and business when I was very young. Both of my parents started their own companies in Control Systems Engineering and Landscape Design. One key lesson was learning that whether we would eat things like macaroni & cheese or tasty steak & seafood depended on how the year went! It was a wonderful learning experience on profitability and sales generation. And everyone worked hard to ensure that steak and seafood were on the table.

Shifting back to BlueVoyant - talent, culture, and product & service delivery all go hand-in-hand if we are to deliver advanced threat intelligence and security for our customers. I am excited to lend a hand!

The cybersecurity market is growing rapidly. As a result, cybersecurity talent is among the most coveted and hard to hire. For the past several years the analyst firm ESG has published a wide-ranging global survey of IT professionals. They ask organizations to identify areas where their organization has a problematic shortage of skills. Cybersecurity skills again topped the list in 2018-19 with 53 percent of respondents reporting a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills at their organization.

In order to address this talent gap, many organizations turn to BlueVoyant to provide managed security services that include those cybersecurity resources. But our clients are not alone in the challenge of attracting top-level talent. BlueVoyant recognizes that our most valuable assets are our employees, and one of my key objectives will be continuing to build an organization that not only attracts the highest quality employees but also minimizes turnover.

We will do this by building a culture that empowers employees and gives them a clear career path. We will work to build an environment that nurtures their personal ambitions and aspirations. We will make it a priority to recognize their contributions, build their skills, and allow them to advance their personal and professional growth. And while our employees will benefit from these priorities, BlueVoyant will benefit even more by having happy employees, low absenteeism, and minimal turnover.