BlueVoyant – Microsoft Security Consulting Potential Career Paths

November 29, 2021 | 1 min read


By Adrian Grigorof, Marius Mocanu and Dorian Birsan

In the context of a highly pace of change in technology and paradigm shifts on an almost daily basis, BlueVoyant is always looking for talented people who are flexible, willing to tackle new technologies, explore, get their hands on the latest cybersecurity tools, and literally grow with us. It is not an easy task, but solving difficult things is what we do.

One of our responsibilities, as the co-heads of the Microsoft Security Consulting practice, is to look for talented people. Seasoned professionals are in high demand and we have managed to enrich our team with quite a few. However, we are also looking for team players who may not have experience with the exact products that we offer but have the capability to get up to speed fast and contribute with their own particular strengths.

The chart below indicates the typical roles in our group. We sometimes fill roles with young people who may lack the experience but have potential to become real experts if they build experience aligned with their strengths. A junior engineer, for example, may start as a Microsoft Sentinel Analyst, Microsoft Defender Engineer or in a developer position. They could advance fast using our training materials and labs, support from the senior engineers, and exposure to real-life, complex projects. Sometimes we realize that the engineer has tremendous development potential or a particular analytical skill that fits better with our SOC or other teams. For this reason, the diagram also includes the potential paths that the engineers can follow to both grow professionally and be better aligned with their own goals.

The purple boxes indicate potential paths to other business groups, such as SOC/MDR, Product Development, Development Engineering, while the red ones are the potential trajectories toward management positions (combined with the engineering skills). The years required to climb up the experience ladder depend on many factors, but probably the most important factor is the personal effort that each engineer is willing to put toward self improvement.

Marius Mocanu serves as Managed Sentinel’s CEO, Adrian Grigorof as its CTO, and Dorian Birsan as the VP of Engineering.

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