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Patient data is some of the most confidential and valuable data out there. It’s why breaches of health-related PII and insurance data are booming. And as firms race to develop cures and vaccinations – particularly after COVID-19 – IP data is now a prime target. At BlueVoyant, we’ll help you take back control.

The Healthcare industry is under aggressive and targeted attack

Healthcare organizations continue to be the most exposed industry to cyber attacks this year. Data breaches and ransomware attacks last year alone cost the industry an estimated $4 billion, with the industry accounting for more than four in ten breaches.

Public healthcare institutions are particularly susceptible, as criminals target valuable personal data that healthcare providers store and process.

Healthcare suppliers are also seen as highly vulnerable, and easy routes for attackers to gain access to more lucrative targets. For example, hospitals store vast amounts of valuable and confidential patient data that hackers can sell on easily, making any supplier to the industry a target.

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To beat sophisticated threats in healthcare, you need to expand your cybersecurity capabilities. That’s why we built MDR for Endpoint, which detects, investigates and neutralizes threats on your behalf.

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Your healthcare supply chain is vast, and growing. Our CR3 service helps reduce your cyber risk by proactively identifying, prioritizing, and remediating the risks posed by your business partners and supply-chain relationships.

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