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Financial and Banking

It’s no surprise that the financial industry is still one of the most targeted sectors. Its organizations deal in what attackers want most — money and personal data. Which is why it’s imperative that banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions have the proper cyber protection in place to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information. We can help.

The need for protection

From banks to brokerages, threat actors target financial institutions to try to get their hands on employee, customer and business data. They also target the weakest vendors within your supply chain, hoping to gain access.

The threat landscape is constantly evolving.

Attackers use a variety of methods to try to gain access and infiltrate organizations.

The focus remains clear: consumers and businesses are trusting financial institutions to ensure the security of their capital and livelihood. It’s why financial organizations need robust security services that consistently protect the full breadth of their operations.

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In 2021, BlueVoyant commissioned a global survey on supply chain cyber risk.
Here’s what we found…

BlueVoyant Research: Most Firms Have Suffered a Direct Cybersecurity Breach Caused by a Third-Party Vendor

Twelve-hundred CIOs, CISOs, and CPOs (Chief Procurement Officers) responsible for supply chain and cyber risk management were surveyed from companies with 1,000 or more employees across a range of industries.

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BlueVoyant’s cyber risk management service provides our portfolio companies with additional protection through outside-in continuous monitoring. Its service helps identify, prioritize and remediate critical risks and vulnerabilities and support our portfolio companies in reinforcing their cybersecurity posture.

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Related platform

MDR for Endpoint

To beat sophisticated threats in Financial Services, you need to expand your cybersecurity capabilities. That’s why we built MDR for Endpoint, which detects, investigates and neutralizes threats on your behalf.

3rd-Party Cyber Risk Management

Complex, multifaceted enterprises and investment portfolios are prime targets for malicious actors. Our cyber risk services help reduce risk by proactively identifying, prioritizing and mitigating risks within your business partners and investment network.

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Your supply chain is vast, and growing. And with it, comes increased cyber risk. Our managed service helps reduce cyber risk by proactively identifying, prioritizing, and remediating the risks posed by business partners and supply-chain relationships.

Digital Risk Protection

We help you gain real-time visibility of digital threats by continuously monitoring domains and websites, social media, apps in official and unofficial stores, deep & dark web, instant messaging and open-source – allowing for quick, effective breach mitigation.

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