Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management - Security Insights vs IT Operations


Sadiq Khan | CISO and Chris White | CSO & Global Head of Client Solutions | BlueVoyant

Vulnerability management as a standard security practice is traditionally viewed through the lens of IT operations. Its focus is most often limited to IT hygiene activities such as patching, credential management and configuration management. This limits the scope -and impact -of most vulnerability management solutions.

In order to extend risk reduction value and effectiveness, organizations should look at vulnerability management as an extension of threat and security operations. Enhancing vulnerability scans with security expertise and threat intelligence provides insights which elevate the impact that vulnerability management solutions can deliver. Integration with SIEM insights enables more proactive risk reduction and strategic insight into your environment.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The traditional approach of traditional vulnerability management and its limitations
  • The benefits of enhancing vulnerability management with security insights and threat management
  • The extended value when integrated with SIEM capabilities

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