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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

We help you discover weak points in your perimeter before threat actors do. Assess your systems, test your defenses, and proactively protect your people with BlueVoyant.

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Features / Benefits

  • Instantly compatible with dozens of compliance requirements

  • SEC S-P, FINRA, FFIEC, NIST CSF, 800-171 and more – our evaluation services help you meet regulatory adherance.
  • In lockstep with your operation

  • Our evaluations allow you to continue with business as usual. You’ll get the rigor of our proven methodology and the flexibility to work within your business parameters.
  • Unmatched knowledge of threat actor behavior

  • Our team’s decades of cyber security experience on the world stage has resulted in a deep understanding of how threat actors plan their attacks.

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The service

What does Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing look like?

Our defense evaluation services are broken down into two main areas:

Our Vulnerability Analysis services systematically scan and test all of your internal and public-facing computer assets for known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations – anything that a threat actor can leverage for access. Our scans even reach the per-patch level for your applications, leaving no compromised versions unidentified. 
We cap off the assessment with a concise, actionable report that holistically analyzes your existing cyber security posture.

Often combined with our assessments are our Penetration Testing services. These are rigorous processes designed to stress your program’s defenses under real-world threat conditions. Using a three-phase approach, we help probe your applications, your networks, and even your social engineering susceptibilities. With years of frontline experience, our testers know how to think like threat actors. All discoveries are documented in a report that will specifically identify deficiencies and recommend improvements.

If you’re looking to see how your defenses stack up to compliance requirements, or if you’ve suffered a recent breach and are looking to shore up the rest of your perimeter – even if you just want to take a proactive approach to your protection – we can help.


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