Minimize Cyber Risks within Your Supply Chain

Third parties are one of the fastest-growing security risks to an organization’s sensitive data, yet few organizations have the in-house resources and expertise to effectively identify and monitor for cyber risks within their supply chain.

Poor outsourcing decisions are responsible for 63 percent of data breaches, while 53 percent of organizations who are victims of a data breach are vulnerable to another attack due to third-party security problems.

BlueVoyant Vendor Risk Management helps organizations obtain clear visibility into cybersecurity risks across their organizations by proactively identifying, prioritizing and remediating cyber risks posed by business partners and supply chain relationships.

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BlueVoyant Vendor Risk Management helps:

  • Manage and remediate vendor risk
  • Increase visibility into vendor vulnerabilities
  • Apply controls that extend and maintain your enterprise security standards 
  • Reduce burden on your resources and improve productivity
  • Monitor changes within the third-party ecosystem
  • Leverage managed security expertise to reduce risks

Simplified Management of Third-Party Cyber Risks

MONITOR entire supply chain with EXISTING resources.
LEVERAGE broader and deeper MANAGEMENT of the interconnected vendor ecosystem.

Bringing Actionability to Data

  • Noise removal and triage of what matters by identification of key risk exposure
  • Fully formed recommendations for remediation
  • Remediation actions performed on behalf of clients with vendors to ensure issues are rectified
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Coverage for Your Entire Supply Chain

  • Ensure protection for your entire ecosystem
  • Identify risks beyond your Tier 1 vendors
  • Focus on higher risk areas: the aggregate risk of Tiers 2 through 'n' which are larger than Tier 1 risks alone
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Helping You Reduce Noise to Focus on What Matters

BlueVoyant continuously monitors your third-party vendor security risks, eliminating false positives through initial assessments and generating new alerts curated by expert analysts. With Vendor Risk Management you get a cost effective managed risk solution that delivers:

  • Initial assessments and new alerts curated by expert analysts
  • Integrated threat intelligence populated from proprietary global data sets

  • Management and mitigation of identified issues
  • Continuous risk monitoring delivered by analysts from BV Risk Operations Centers (ROCs)

  • Stronger, quicker response to emerging risks
  • Full transparency into all threat scores and supported findings

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