Actionable Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape is constantly changing. Threat Actors are smarter and more dangerous than ever before. With the volume, velocity, and sophistication of today’s global threat landscape, enterprises must be able to respond in real-time to effectively defend against these destructive attacks.

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Services integrate data, analytics, and unmatched expertise to fully understand the threat landscape and identify emerging threats to help organizations prioritize their cyber defenses and protect against today’s sophisticated attacks.

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Deeper Insight into Threat Actors and Methodologies

BlueVoyant continuously monitors the threat landscape to report on threats outside your perimeter and integrate new adversary tactics and threat data as it emerges.

Areas of Expertise

Threat Enrichment

Relevant intelligence for threats outside your perimeter customized to your organization.


Enrich your alerts with external threat intelligence which informs investigations and identifies attacker infrastructure.


Prioritize threats and eliminate those that put your business at the greatest risk. Learn more >>

External Threat Hunting

On demand investigations tailored to your business needs covering the traditional, deep and dark web. 


Gain in-depth investigation support into cyber attacks and the threat actors behind the malicious activity. 


Additional continuous monitoring capabilities available. Learn more >>

Digital Threat Defense

Digital Brand Protection that proactively detects and disrupts phishing attacks, fake social media accounts and rogue applications targeting your executives, customers, partners, and employees. 


Minimize organizational risk by protecting your digital assets utilizing continuous monitoring, high-fidelity alerts, and effective take-down services. Learn more >>

BlueVoyant Watcher Services and MSS Add-Ons

BlueVoyant offers integrated add on services for our Managed Security Services customers tailored to your organization’s needs, that include:

BIN Watcher 

Identifies freshly stolen credit cards and facilitates proactive protection for your customers. Learn more >>

Brand Watcher 

Detects deception tactics including the creation of lookalike domain names and web pages used to victimize your clients. Includes malicious domain take-down service. Learn more >>

Credential Watcher 

Highlights employees’ usernames and passwords compromised in the underground economy for mitigation prior to avoid account takeover attacks. Learn more >>

Available as add ons or stand-alone services.

About Our Services

Intelligence that Extends Beyond Your Perimeter

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Services monitors your external attack surface to review threat actor activity taking place outside your perimeter.


Gain insights into emerging risks with timely, actionable intelligence tailored specifically for your organization.

Bigger, Better Threat Data

BlueVoyant utilizes a combination of public and proprietary data sources, traditional surface, deep and dark web sources, along with the latest trends in the cybercrime ecosystem, including social media and instant messaging applications, to identify emerging threats and help organizations prioritize their cyber defenses.

Expert Knowledge of Adversaries and Attacker Methods

BlueVoyant’s field-tested, threat intelligence experts bring experience from NSA, FBI, GCHQ and Unit 8200, as well as leading private sector organizations. This experience enables our analysts to fully understand the attacker methodology to interpret how attackers plan and implement attacks, as well as identify attacks that are still in the planning stages.

Additional BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Services

Today’s digital world has not only made it simpler to connect with consumers, it’s also made it easier for cybercriminals to impersonate your brand, target your executives and cause irreparable damage. BlueVoyant offers additional threat intelligence services to help protect an organizations digital assets, that includes:

Digital Brand Protection 

Proactively detects and disrupts phishing attacks, fake social media accounts, and rogue applications to protect your brand outside your perimeter. Learn more >>

Executive Cyber Guard 

Helps defend against attacks targeting your company's executives by providing the necessary intelligence required in today’s digital world. Learn more >>

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