Life in the SOC - The Threat Fusion Cell

Download this whitepaper for insights from Senior Security Researchers Curt Buchanan and Mike Warren from BlueVoyant.


The BlueVoyant TFC serves a critical role in keeping our clients' enterprises safe in a rapidly evolving world of new, fast-moving attacks, designed to advance across networks in minutes. This dedicated research team responsible for multi-source data collection, analysis, and reporting on new and emerging threats.


Their daily and weekly reports keep our SOC analysts up to date, dramatically improving the efficacy of the security team by proactively identifying, preparing for, and preventing new and emerging threats.


At BlueVoyant, the Threat Fusion Cell is part of our security strategy that keeps us up to the minute on the threat horizon - investigating and mitigating threats faster to ensure uninterrupted business operations for our clients. Learn more in this whitepaper about our Threat Fusion Cell Team.

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Threat Fusion Cell Whitepaper

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