Illuminate risk deep within the national industrial base

Transparency into interconnected supplier relationships and their extended attack surface.

  • Uncover multiple tiers of complex supplier ecosystems

    Leverage advanced machine learning models to map a contractor’s entire supply chain from the outside in.

    Supply chain illumination contractor
  • Understand the risk landscape without gathering additional data

    Identify potential supplier business and cyber risks ahead of procurement using publicly-available data.

    Supply chain risk landscape
  • Rapidly identify alternative suppliers during high-risk events and attacks

    With a fully-mapped supplier ecosystem, build vendor risk mitigation plans in advance of a supply chain disruption.

    Supply chain supplier ecoystem


Defend your supply chain

Mitigate business risks and cyber vulnerabilities with deep visibility into complex supply chains.

  • Illuminate

  • Monitor

  • Remediate

  • Analyze

Rock Surface 01

BlueVoyant leverages the best technology, talent, and telemetry in the industry to deliver positive security outcomes that drive business results.