Litigation Support

Investigative support and consulting for data privacy attorneys in class action matters pertaining to data loss, privacy, and fraud.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Proven record of data privacy class-action lawsuit investigation support and consulting

  • Comprehensive investigations to determine availability of relevant PII in dark web venues

  • Unrivaled open-source and dark web investigative capabilities

  • World-class dark web and threat intelligence subject matter experts

  • Post-breach consulting, remediation, and response

BlueVoyant offers support by demonstrating how Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information, and other data is used to commit fraud

Data security and privacy improvements using investigations

Post-breach, we help determine data leakage. Proactively, we help you to understand cybercriminal threats you face, identify vulnerabilities, and help you to reduce your attack surface.

  • Comb the dark web to determine threats against your organization
  • Understand what sensitive information is available on the dark web
  • Identify the digital presence of your key employees
  • Determine the potential availability of victim PII in dark web venues
  • Support data privacy attorneys on lawsuits pertaining to data loss

Additional Resources

  • Incident Preparedness to improve your cyber resilience
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • Digital Forensics to identify, preserve, collect, and analyze data to support investigations and litigation

Professional Services provides numerous proactive solutions to help improve your cybersecurity posture