Application Testing

Discover vulnerabilities and try to exploit them to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data for your proprietary applications/API and third-party applications that you use.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • We help you to better secure your networks, personnel, and product development

  • Proprietary software and exclusive data sources provide you with a thorough analysis

  • Customized vulnerability scanning to help you adapt to the changing attack vectors

  • Seasoned team members with an average of 10 years of cybersecurity experience

  • Offerings range from technical tests and threat exercises to secure code reviews

BlueVoyant Application Testing analyzes: Software, mobile, and web service applications, as well as related APIs. Reported to you: Discovery, mapping, vulnerability prioritization and remediation recommendations.

Better secure your networks, personnel, and products

Today’s threat actor uses a mix of phishing/social engineering tactics along with testing your IT infrastructure, applications, and hardware (plant equipment, IoT/smart devices, etc.). Our services will help you address these different attack vectors.

  • Vulnerability analysis to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Application, IoT/SCADA Device, Network & Infrastructure technical testing
  • User Awareness training to educate employees on latest threats
  • Threat exercises to help improve IR team response
  • Secure product development via SAST, DAST, and Secure Code Review

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