When Ransomware Strikes


Ransomware Response Reports by BlueVoyant Professional Services

By Timothy Lehey | Cyber Threat Analyst | BlueVoyant
Tim is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst and Dark Web Investigator with expertise in open-source and dark web online investigations. Tim previously worked as a Latin America Cybercrime Analyst at the dark web intelligence firm Flashpoint.

Austin Berglas | Global Head of Professional Services | BlueVoyant
Jennifer Rothstein Business | Development Head, Insurance and Legal | BlueVoyant

The Series
This eBook, the second issue of the BlueVoyant Ransomware Response Cycle explainer series, examines the immediate aftermath of a ransomware attack and offers expert advice on the right way to go about a response.

Who Should Read This Report: Business Leaders, Security Professionals, and Decision Makers Concerned about Cybersecurity

This report is ideally suited for C-suite executives, IT managers and in-house security professionals, insurance claims professionals, underwriters, and brokers. It also provides value for breach coaches, general counsel, and others interested in ransomware incident resolutions.

How Threat Actors Target Their Victims, Trends In Victim Organization Profiles, and What Lies Ahead

Ransomware targeting runs the gamut from the extremely personal to the entirely random. Certain types of organizations are more vulnerable and/or more appealing to cyber extortionists than others.

This malware is constantly evolving, entrepreneurial, and prolific. As the technology continues to evolve, the concepts remain the same; the infections we see today include the DNA of historical infections from twenty years ago. Viruses in the real world mutate and change, as they do in cyber.

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