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By Mike Scutt | Director of Threat Operations | BlueVoyant

Scutt leads Threat Hunting services at BlueVoyant, assisting clients in uncovering advanced adversaries, cutting edge malware, and attacker infrastructure. With a lengthy background in responding to breaches by nation-state threat actors and hundreds of incident response engagements, Mike applies threat intelligence, forensics, and malware analysis techniques in the search for attackers.

Who Should Read This Report: Business Leaders, Security Professionals, and Decision Makers Concerned about Cybersecurity

This report is ideally suited for C-suite executives, IT managers, and in-house security professionals. It also provides value for others interested in cybersecurity incident resolutions.

The Value Of Threat Hunting Is To Detect Emerging Threats

There are many variables involved in threat hunting today. Threats are evolving at a rapid pace, attackers are becoming increasingly persistent, and attacks have become progressively more difficult to remediate.

The ultimate value of threat hunting is enhanced protection. It allows you to track your adversary before your vendors, Next-Gen AV, or Next-Gen firewall.

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