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Ransomware Under the Microscope: From Victim to Attacker

On-Demand Webinar

When ransomware attacks impact security cores occur every 11 seconds, organizations should look at all parties involved: from ransomware gangs and victims to insurance brokers and even policymakers, It’s how they’ll understand the true consequences of ransomware. In order for them to reinforce and better their cybersecurity posture, organizations need to be in better position to identify and prioritize potential attacks.

The evolution of the cybercrime-as-a-service model has made ransomware a real threat to organizations around the world, but what are the unintended consequences of ransomware? How can organizations get inside an attacker’s mind to stay one step ahead.

Join us in this session as we discuss:

  • How market forces, geopolitics, and policy challenges have made ransomware so difficult to avoid
  • The consequences of ransomware – from the victim to the attacker
  • How investigating ransomware from the perspective of an attacker can improve your security posture
  • The future of ransomware

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