Ransomware Cost Guide

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Download this whitepaper for insights and calculations to do the math on what a ransomware attack could cost your business.

A recent study reports that ransomware payouts have tripled to an average of $36,295 in the first quarter of 2019, but this amount is minuscule when compared to the total financial risks of a ransomware attack. Learn the true risks and download.

Calculating the Cost of Ransomware

When calculating the business risks posed by ransomware, three cost figures must be considered: revenue risk, productivity risk, and recovery risk. On top of that there are costs to your brand reputation, legal and other considerations.

Who Should Read This Report:Business Leaders, Security Professionals, and Decision Makers Concerned about Cybersecurity Risk

The calculations presented in this whitepaper can be used as a starting point. They can be used to facilitate conversations between Security Teams, Business Owners, IT Teams and Senior Management. They can be used to drive more effective security strategies and investment decisions.

Why it Matters

In today’s threat landscape, organizations need to proactively determine what they are going to do – Pay, Not Pay, or Defend. An important place to start is calculating the financial risks of ransomware. The math is straightforward.

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