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Making Better Informed M&A Decisions With Cyber Due Diligence

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A rushed superficial risk assessment to help expedite the evaluation and deal closure can lead to security compromises post integration. Some examples of this are: Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo; Marriott acquisition of Starwood.

Understanding the risk and how to integrate operational, infrastructure, product, and other resources from a merger and acquisition (M&A) target is costly, time consuming, and labor intensive. With the right resources and expertise, it’s integral to assess and mitigate cyber threats — as well as cybersecurity risks — across your operation.

How confident are you that your potential target has:

  • A security posture comparable to your firm?
  • Proprietary technical data protected from malicious actors and unavailable on the dark web?
  • Vendors that don’t pose cybersecurity risks through providing their services?


Frank Downs, BlueVoyant

Making Informed M&A Decisions Webinar

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