IronNet Partnership Announcement

BlueVoyant and IronNet Partner to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity Capabilities to the Energy Sector

Purpose-built collective defense solutions ensure that critical services remain secure and uninterrupted. 

Small-to-mid-sized energy companies are a key part of the American energy sector – from local and state-owned utilities to not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives – they serve over 90 million Americans across nearly all 50 states.

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Purpose-Built Collective Defense Solutions Ensure that Critical Services Remain Secure and Uninterrupted

In order to ensure that critical services remain secure and uninterrupted, all energy companies large or small must work together to collectively defend themselves against highly capable, well-financed cyber actors, including nation-states seeking to exploit vulnerable networks. 

Many of the major electric utilities recognize that defending critical infrastructure is a shared responsibility and have worked together to implement IronNet’s IronDome collective defense system to secure themselves against advanced cyber attacks.

Traditionally, top of the line security tools have been beyond the reach of small-to-mid-sized companies and have required a team of experts to install and manage.

BlueVoyant and IronNet are addressing this challenge by partnering to deliver IronNet’s industry-leading advanced network threat analytics and collective defense capabilities coupled with BlueVoyant’s advanced Managed Security Services.

Democratizing Cybersecurity

BlueVoyant utilizes technology and expertise employed by the largest and most well-defended organizations to deliver protection to resource-constrained security teams.

BlueVoyant believes in democratizing security by making it more accessible to organizations regardless of size.

By combining these two organization’s efforts, we are able to deliver small-to-midsize companies with unprecedented cyber security protection as a result of the ability to identify threats at speed and scale across the energy sector.

The IronDefense platform and collective defense threat sharing system is implemented and monitored by BlueVoyant’s experienced SOC operators. BlueVoyant’s key capabilities, including endpoint detection and response, threat hunting and superior threat intelligence allow the energy sector access to protection once only available to large corporations and government agencies.

Key Features and Benefits

Together, BlueVoyant and IronNet Deliver:


IronNet’s flagship platform delivers scalable network traffic analysis (NTA) using the latest behavioral analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to find anomalies. An integrated packet-level cyber hunt and an expert system scores identified anomalies by risk to the enterprise.

Benefit: Detects advanced threats often missed by existing commercial cybersecurity solutions.


IronDome is the industry’s first and only collective defense system to automatically share actionable intelligence and insights on anomalies and behavioral characteristics of adversarial activities across the energy sector at machine-speed. IronDome shares an unprecedented amount of threat information in real-time among large US energy providers serving a total of 35 million customers.

Benefit: Real-time sector level insights that enable faster detection of low-and-slow moving threats and targeted cyber campaigns against critical infrastructure across all members.


Geographically diverse SOCs staffed by former government and leading private sector experts are supported by the BlueVoyant Technology Platform.

Benefit: Experts are available and ready to triage alerts and attacks quickly, long after your staff has gone home. SOCs alert you to attacks and lower costs with faster response times, continuously strengthening your security posture.


Advanced Threat Intelligence including proprietary, open-source, and dark web intelligence is leveraged to expedite triage and enrich investigations conducted by the SOC. Delivered as intelligence reports, new detections are outlined with classifications of threat indicators.

Benefit: Greater threat intelligence translates into faster identification of security events and reduces the risk of data loss and business disruption due to successful attacks.


BlueVoyant’s web-based portal provides an easy to understand representation of your security program. Dashboards and reports are located within the portal.

Benefit: See the full context of incidents, assets, vulnerabilities and on-going investigations.

Grow Confidently in a Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

Working together, BlueVoyant and IronNet are rapidly moving to help small-to-mid-sized companies secure themselves against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. With BlueVoyant and IronNet you get advanced threat detection and collective defense capabilities developed by IronNet’s elite team and BlueVoyant’s best-in-breed Technology Platform and Managed Security Services at a price point that works for the middle market. live, responding to security events, through Wavelength™, our Client Portal.

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