Dark Web Threat Intelligence

Curated, tailored, and concrete threat intelligence

The Dark Web is an invisible parallel Internet that is home to a sophisticated marketplace of criminal activity, including whistle-blower sites, political activism blogs, pirated intellectual property, more extreme activities like drugs and weapons, hacking services, and cyber-attack tools.

Potential threats to your company’s data and assets are lurking on the Dark Web. Companies of all sizes are taking a proactive approach to mitigating risk, and using Dark Web intelligence to prevent and defend against criminal activity and cyber threats.

The Watcher Service is an ongoing, analyzed, and curated stream of Dark Web cyber threat intelligence based on specific criteria and topics of special interest, delivered via a secure portal.

Our unique and proprietary Dark Web intelligence technological platform, The Watcher, leverages years of HUMINT experience, access to a wide and rapidly growing collection of Dark Web sources, and sophisticated analytical methods to protect your organization from emerging threats.

The Watcher accesses corners of the Dark Web that simple Internet searches performed by other companies can’t. It bridges the gap between data collection obstacles, massive and diverse data sets, and the critical intelligence insights that your company needs to defend itself against cyber attacks.

Key Differentiators:

  • Automated and at scale multilingual data collection and analysis
  • A broad range of intelligence sources and source types
  • Integrated multilingual Human Threat Intelligence Operations (HUMINT) through avatars and 1×1 engagements
  • Collection methods with wide coverage
  • Profiling of Threat Actors, their tools, and their techniques
  • Identification of Threat Actors as they prepare attacks
  • Identification of confidential information offered for sale
  • Curated threat intelligence by man and machine

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