Cyber Investigations

Resolve a breach with forensic cyber threat investigations

Data loss, intellectual property theft, and other serious cyber threats can all occur inside your company. It’s critical to investigate malicious behavior after breaches occur, and to identify risk issues within the organization before they lead to future incidents.

Our Intelligence Cyber Defense team conducts insider threat investigations, which include a forensic deep-dive into any infected devices and extensive personnel interviews. Using this data we can identify employee behavioral patterns and determine the origins of a breach, the potential damage, if critical data has been compromised, and who is responsible.

Our Cyber Investigation Services include:

Incident Response

We manage incident response engagement from strategy and technical operations to educating and coaching your team, and enabling them to clearly communicate with all internal and external stakeholders; our incident response services include same-day response and flexible retainers

Insider Threat Investigations

We can quickly bridge the investigative gap between forensics and traditional investigations surrounding insider threats in order to solve incidents, while mitigating the threat and helping to establish and implement policies, procedures, and training

Cyber Ransom and Extortion

Our Cyber Defense team investigates crypto-currency-facilitated criminal activities including extortion, ransom, the purchase and sale of illicit goods, laundering/tumbling, and Bitcoin theft for a range of clients

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