Advanced Threat Intelligence

Unrivaled threat defense in real time

Criminal entities are rapidly evolving in how they attack companies, in some instances achieving nation state like capabilities. While layers of defense are available at your boundary and within your network, there are limits to what you can know about the most dangerous threats outside the perimeter.

As cyber attack techniques and tactics become more sophisticated, your company needs additional layers of defense. In early 2018, BlueVoyant will launch our all-new Advanced Threat Intelligence service. Our vast, unique data library and team of leading cybersecurity experts provide unmatched threat intelligence and protection previously unavailable to the private sector.

We will combine our unique external data with data from both host-based and Dark Web access for a one-of-a-kind private sector intelligence center. This center will be enabled by large-scale data analytics tailored to industries and individual business ecosystems — making Advanced Threat Intelligence a critical component of next-generation cybersecurity.

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