Virtual CISO

The sheer scale of your threat landscape is too much for one person to handle. And that makes you vulnerable. Our Virtual CISO services give you a direct line to our cyber experts, so you can ease the burden of hiring and retaining expensive in-house talent.

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Features / Benefits

  • Enterprise-standard protection without the cost

  • Get the same level of protection enjoyed by large enterprises, with access to advanced skills and experience at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.
  • A whole team of experts

  • Virtual CISO Services lets you lean on a team of experts to cover a greater range of possible solutions.
  • A bank of knowledge

  • From high-level generalities to granular analysis and insights, we’ll help you work through your pressing cyber security challenges, whatever form they take.

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The service

What do I get from Virtual CISO?

A direct line to relevant experts who understand your business, all in one place.

Use our consulting hours to ease the burden of hiring and retaining expensive in-house cyber security talent.

Our Virtual CISO Consulting Services will help you answer any and all questions about your cyber security capability, from remediating vulnerabilities to best practices for remote working.




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