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Dark Web Investigations

BlueVoyant Comprehensive Dark Web Investigations

Dark web investigations are a key element of any proactive cybersecurity program. BlueVoyant specialists, who have a deep understanding of cybercriminals and cutting-edge investigative techniques, will contextualize findings to suit your organization’s needs.

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Our intelligence collection covers material sourced from:

  • Forums that specialize in hacking, malware development, data theft, and trafficking of digital goods (including stolen PII and intellectual property)

  • Encrypted chat messaging communities

  • Dark web marketplaces

  • Paste platforms

  • Stolen account shops

  • Credit card shops

  • Messaging boards

  • Other critical sources of online illicit activity

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What Differentiates BlueVoyant’s Dark Web Intelligence?

BlueVoyant dark web threat intelligence is a leader in
the industry. Our investigations are distinguished by two
key dimensions:

Quality of Intelligence

First, many dark web intelligence offerings are based
on inadequate coverage. Due to the fact that online cybercriminal operations are generally not well understood, many firms offer intelligence based on relatively public sources without focused attention on relevant, difficult-to-access cybercriminal venues.

Advanced threat actors typically operate using high operational security to avoid detection and surveillance. BlueVoyant dark web
specialists have expert knowledge of the specific venues where cybercriminals organize their most destructive schemes. They maintain active undercover aliases to credibly interact with threat actors for the purest intelligence signals and deepest investigative reach.

Finally, BlueVoyant analysts are enabled to research and monitor across key foreign languages, ensuring detection of relevant intelligence across international online criminal venues. Our experts have access to cached historical information, which lends context to contemporary findings and documents evidence that is wiped from its source.



Expert context

Second, our experts offer actionable context that is specific to your organization. Dark web findings can be highly variable. Our investigations can uncover indicators related to:

  • Ransomware events or network vulnerabilities

  • Data theft

  • Unauthorized network intrusion

  • Unauthorized email access

  • Insider threats or disgruntled former employees

  • Brand targeting by white supremacists, extremists,
    or hacktivists

  • Stolen credentials and employee information

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