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MDR for Endpoint

To beat sophisticated threats, you need to expand your cybersecurity capabilities. That’s why we built MDR for Endpoint, powered by leading Endpoint Detection and Response technology, which detects, investigates and neutralizes threats on your behalf.

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The service

What do I get from an MDR for Endpoint service?

Detect, block, and contain malware, ransomware, zero-days, and fileless attacks across your network. We combine the best available NGAV and EDR technology from Microsoft, SentinelOne, VMware, and Crowdstrike with an elite team of security analysts to extend your existing technologies and team.

Our remote endpoint incident investigation and remediation is led by our cyber intelligence experts, who’ll record all actions made on your behalf in our user-friendly client portal. You’ll get complete visibility over security incidents and alerts, as well as prioritized notifications so you can avoid “noisy” distractions.



  • 24/7 investigation from SOC experts
  • Automated and manual classification of indicator data
  • Software upgrades you can manage and prescreen
  • Full telemetry to actively hunt for threats that are evading detection
  • Prevention of malware and monitoring of network health
  • Tracking and recording of all relevant alerts

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Full lifecycle protection from early detection to remediation

Our advanced technologies, automated processes and field-seasoned cyber intelligence analysts will ensure you get full-spectrum protection, from initial alert to event remediation:

Transparency and reporting

We’ll investigate, triage and remediate security events for you, and provide executive-level reporting. From your customer portal, you can watch the SOC responding to security events on your behalf in real time.

Threat hunting

Our proactive threat hunting activities will reveal dormant or trojan threat actors that evade your network and endpoint detection solutions. Our Advanced Threat Detection includes full telemetry.

Proprietary threat intelligence

We utilize proprietary, open-source, and Dark Web intelligence to identify attacks, expedite triage and enrich investigations. That way, we can respond faster and more accurately than our competitors.

Security outsourcing

Our unique approach incorporates a sophisticated method of threat detection, with the ability to contain and remediate incidents, fast. We’ll work as your partner, tailoring our service to meet your unique needs.

Our Partners

Why Trust BlueVoyant?

We combine a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, industry-best data, and process automation to help businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing landscape.

Frontline Expertise

Our team is comprised of world-class cyber experts led by former senior leaders from the NSA, FBI, Unit 8200, GCHQ, and Fortune 500 companies.

We serve as an extension of your security team to deliver a level of protection previously available to only the largest and most well-defended organizations.

Integrated Intelligence

BlueVoyant uses the largest globally distributed private sector datasets to track and prepare against the latest attack vectors.

We identify and mitigate threats as they emerge, ensuring your business and wider ecosystem are always prepared for rapid, effective response and threat neutralization.

Effective Automation

Our custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, help detect threats faster, eliminate false positives and reduce manual tasks.

They turn our experts’ tradecraft into code, so we can scale across your threat landscape and focus where it counts.

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