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Protecting your sensitive data and business operations 

Webinar by Travis Mercier, CISSP | Head of Global Security Operations - BlueVoyant


Small to medium enterprises are top targets for cybercriminals, because most SMBs are under-protected and offer the least resistance and quickest return for threat actors. 

Today’s attacks are sophisticated, fast-moving and continuously evolving. Security teams need to be equally so!

Join expert Travis Mercier of BlueVoyant as he shares his vision of an efficient and effective security team and teaches you how to fight off cybercriminals. He will discuss:

  • The people, process and technology needed to protect your sensitive data and business operations
  • Examples of real-world threats and how to respond
  • The tradeoffs and advantages of partnering with an MSSP

Travis Mercier is CISSP and Head of Global Security Operations at BlueVoyant and has built, led and operated eight security operation centers, including five at Fortune 500 companies.

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