CyberProtect℠ from Fiserv is designed to protect financial institutions from increasingly targeted cyberattacks and fast-moving threats from agile and well-funded adversaries. This partnership marries a leader of financial services industry with an innovator in enhanced cybersecurity services.

CyberProtect℠ delivers BlueVoyant protection and is designed to keep financial institutions of all sizes safe from targeted cyberattacks.

BlueVoyant Managed Security Services help you verify exactly what is on your network, and spots any security gaps — equipping you with the tools and services that strengthen your security posture.

The ability to access real-time events, log system files, and capture data from third-party applications, files systems, firewalls, and scanners allows you to respond quickly to attacks and provide fast reporting for meeting audit requirements and request for information.

CyberProtect℠ compliance enhancements increase your security and defense by delivering a global 24/7 managed security service (MSS) platform. We ease compliance burdens and provide your financial institution with simplified technology and access to information.

Advanced managed detection and response, network monitoring, deception technology, around-the-clock SOC alert monitoring, remediation, and threat intelligence all work hard from BlueVoyant’s side so you can focus on running your business.

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BlueVoyant cyber defense services monitor threat actors throughout the entire cyber-crime lifecycle.



The BlueVoyant offerings were designed to enable channel partners. A benefit of being a BlueVoyant Value-Added Reseller is that you can confidently sell knowing that our services and products will always be the best pairing in the market.

As with any channel sales, when you sell BlueVoyant services alongside other tech offerings, you’re able to differentiate your client solutions, add value to existing products, and more easily persuade prospects to buy from you.

By 2023 the MSSP market will grow to $47.65 Billion; North America is projected to grow the fastest. source

BlueVoyant provides tools, collateral, and expert resources to help you become a leading market provider of BlueVoyant solutions. We want you to succeed and work to provide the support you need to profitably resell.

As part of our commitment to you, we:

  • Offer competitive discounts and comprehensive training to all our VARs.
  • Facilitate lead sharing as well as sales and marketing tools to close more deals faster.
  • Reinforce sales performance by providing access to named account managers and deal registration, at every level.




Democratized Security - Better Mid-Market Protection

When you partner with BlueVoyant, you are choosing a partner that can help you drive recurring revenue and build lasting relationships with your clients while improving their ability to stay ahead of the always changing threat landscape.

Robust, Relevant and, Right-Sized Solutions

BlueVoyant is focused on ensuring clients have the best analytics-driven, expert-supported protection for institutions of all sizes.

Evolving Client Needs Guide Services Development

Leveraging user feedback to tailor our solutions, we cater to the unique needs of financial institutions while developing new offerings based on insights gathered throughout the lifetime of our client engagements.

Detection and Response Plus Remediation

Unlike traditional MSSPs, BlueVoyant combines threat intelligence, a view that extends far beyond the perimeter, and advanced automation enabling immediate response, to deliver better security outcomes for each client at an accessible price.


It is important that as a potential value-added reseller that you know, as a company, we deeply value our partnerships. Our platform was designed to be channel friendly and enable our partners. We invest in partnerships that build mutual support and focus on common goals. We work to enable simple deployment and create satisfied clients for our partners. We understand how important our consistency and quality are to the relationships you already have and are introducing to us.
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