Managed SIEM or Co-Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM with Splunk® Enterprise correlates and analyzes network, user, endpoint asset and other security logs in real time, aggregating disparate data and applying the latest threat intelligence to filter background noise and identifying real security concerns.

BlueVoyant’s Co-Managed SIEM provides custom correlation and analysis of disparate log data as well as live monitoring by global cybersecurity operations centers, with full access provisioned for your team to work “side by side” with our SOC.

This service covers endpoints, network perimeter security, and users (directory services and applications) and virtually all others. It enables SOC analysts to prioritize alerts, and respond to the most suspicious threat behavior faster.


    • Simple, Affordable, Headcount-based Pricing
    • 365 days of searchable logs
    • Security Monitoring and Incident Response
    • Log aggregation, search and reporting
    • No need for expensive add-ins
    • Full User/Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) included natively
    • Report Customization and SIEM Engineering Support
    • Custom Data Source Ingestion
    • SOC Automations for Remediation
    • Custom Correlations and Reports
    • 24/7 SOC - Mean Time to Investigate of less than 3 minutes
    • Access to BlueVoyant experts for SIEM and security detection and response
    • Compliance documentation and reporting


Move to a hosted, dedicated Splunk® Enterprise Platform, supported by BlueVoyant experts, you can finally leverage the powerhouse that Splunk is without the necessary in-house expertise to manage it.

Managed SIEM allows you to carry out sophisticated queries. Use all of your data to defend your enterprise with the same level of protection that large enterprises achieve, at a fraction of the cost. No need to buy expensive add-ins or additional tools, advanced features like UEBA are included natively in our solution.

Have Splunk on-Prem? We can help you migrate or provide you with professional services to enhance your on-prem instance and can even provide you with 24x7 Security Monitoring of alerts from your instance.

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Managed SIEM delivers advanced threat detection by correlating disparate data from diverse sources.

Wavelength™, our client portal, offers you around the clock visibility into all relevant security activities across your network.

Your dedicated Splunk® Enterprise Platform allows you the option of setting up your own custom dashboards within Splunk® Enterprise.

Wavelength Dashboard

SIEM and 24x7 SOC Protection With Complete Transparency

Observe our security analysts keeping your enterprise safe, 24/7 through a single-pane-of glass - using a customized dashboard that you create. Access to our experts offers you the guidance and support that you need to fully leverage your Splunk® Enterprise Platform.


We put your massive amounts of data to work for you with data ingestion from multiple sources, alert correlations, and top-notch analytics. Your Co-Managed SIEM is enhanced and augmented by BlueVoyant’s proprietary threat intelligence, automation, and reporting.

Security Event Monitoring

Detect potential threat actors based upon reputation established by correlating inbound and outbound network traffic and monitoring of suspicious and malicious domains and IP addresses.

Investigation and Notification

Automatic alerts are generated for the SOC where security analysts investigate triggering events to confirm threat actor behavior. Notifications are tailored to the client’s preference and recorded in Wavelength™.

Custom Correlations with Expert Support

Leverage your BlueVoyant hosted Splunk® Enterprise to create correlations on network and endpoint threat data. BlueVoyant threat intelligence amplifies these correlations to create custom insights for your unique enterprise.


Our team of analysts support global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that initiate investigations after escalating security alerts. BlueVoyant SOC analysts have over 9 years of Cyber Defense experience. 

The orchestration and automation of security events allow our experts to zero in on the critical alerts that put your organization at risk. We leverage proprietary, open-source, and Deep/Dark Web intelligence to expedite, triage, and enrich investigations conducted by the SOC. 

How BlueVoyant Works with Clients



BlueVoyant’s services are designed to be layered; however, each service offering provides significant value as a stand-alone solution. Here are some options to boost your cybersecurity defenses.

  • Network Threat Analysis (NTA) Scalable network behavioral analytics, integrated packet-level cyber hunt, and advanced threat detection powered by IronNet
  • Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)Regular internal & external system scans to identify, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • DeceptionDeception technology powered by Illusive Networks that deceives, detects, then defeats attackers.
  • Proactive Services Mitigate the risks associated with cybersecurity threats through the assessment, validation and improvement of your organization's cybersecurity controls
  • Threat Intelligence Services Credential Watcher, Brand Watcher, and Bin Watcher services offer advanced protection to our MSS clients


Many clients turn to us because they know that a SIEM solution is right for them, but they do not have the resources to purchase and fully manage it themselves.

We offer a hosted, dedicated Splunk® Enterprise Platform, supported by BlueVoyant experts to ensure that your data provides you with the necessary security insights to protect your critical assets.

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